The twists and turns are constant. The learning curve is steep.
But we're in it together.

The Comfort of Writing & Streams that Flow

The beautiful flow of stream-of-consciousness: the reason this blog exists.
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My Two New Favorite Words

Words pointing to the importance of that free-flow dance cultivating life's rhythms.
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All Things Slow

Dishes will always need to be washed, but the storyteller may be inspired by the sage just in that moment.
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EdenThistle: The Origin of Our Dream

While thistles will always exist in this world, there's still Eden to be found.
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High Steps

An Intro: The profound impact of my brother's life, death and the high steps he took as he battled a heroin addiction.
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Marriage Advice You'll Want to Hear

Trips: One of the wisest investments we're learning to make.
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